What are Patio Foot Spas??

Patio Foot Spas are the convenient new way to enjoy hot hydrotherapy for the feet  and legs anytime you feel like it.

Ashiyu Patio Foot Spa

Ashiyu Patio Foot Spa

The new designs by Ashiyu provide a big bowl of hot, gurgling water with jets to massage your feet and ease away stress and pain. The digital heater and built-in filter keeps the water fresh and warm. Press the button to turn up the jets and feel the massaging action go to work on sore feet and legs.

Patio Foot Spas are a great way to bring people together. All you have to do is slip off your shoes and you are instantly transported to a world of relaxation.

Hot foot soaks are a great way to relieve a wide variety of ailments, from aching feet and sore muscles, to restless leg syndrome and even insomnia. All without any unwanted side effects. Ashiyu’s only side effect is relaxation and a few wet foot prints!

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