Alkaline Ionized Drinking Water

Have you tried alkaline water yet?  Even if you already have, you might want to try water made with our Ionways Athena, the best ionizer on the market.  There is something really special about this water as we and many others are discovering.  We are talking to people with conditions such as multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia and arthritis who are telling us that this water makes a difference for them.  And otherwise healthy people are enjoying new energy, sounder sleep, better skin, and improved athletic performance.  Many persons seeking to lose weight have found that drinking alkaline water helps to curb the appetite and promotes weight loss.  We sell the water for $3 per gallon, and offer a first free gallon.  Our glass jugs are $7 or you may bring your own.  For more information go here

Another water “bar” is Healthy Spaces south of Portland in Willamette. Their number is 503-655-3565.

Ashiyu is an authorized dealer of the leading quality water ionizing systems by Ionways.  Shop our webstore or learn more by visiting:

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