Proton Water is Amazing!

The Athena Ionizer makes both alkaline water and proton-rich acid water. While the ionized alkaline water is a terrific way to hydrate the inner body, ionized ACID water is a powerful rejuvenator of the outer body. Skin, hair and nails get an extra strengthening boost from the positive charge in the water, and the astringent action of the water gently but thoroughly washes oils away.

  • Wash your hair with proton water for more body and shine, while cleaning the hair without any impact on the environment.
  • Treat skin conditions like acne and ecxema gently and effectively. Proton water is prescribed and widely used in Japan and other countries to treat dermatitis and psoriasis.
  • Soak your fingers and toes in proton water to drive away nail fungus. The results will amaze you!

Bring an extra bottle when you come in for alkaline water and join our proton water study. Get a free quart of proton water, and give us your email address. We will send a survey asking what proton water has done for you.