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Ashiyu Spas Arrive in Japan

The hot springs foot spas of Japan inspired our electric-powered mini-spas, so it is especially fulfilling to ship multiple orders to a retailer in Tokyo. Spatecno installs the spas mainly in resorts and retirement centers in a country that knows that treating the feet with hot hydrotherapy is a key to a long, happy life.



More at http://www.newfootspas.com


Shipping Special Spring 2010

Foot Spas Ready to Ship

We’re excited to have an ad for our Ashiyu spas in Garden Design magazine this spring.  Inquiries are coming from all over the country, from small towns as well as cities.  Our special offer to these buyers is for a set rate of $300 for shipping in the continental U.S.  Meanwhile, we’re staying busy with another shipment of our spas to Japan.  Who would have imagined that we would find a market for our Oregon-made spas in Japan, the ashiyu capital of the world.

A foot spa for the land of foot spas

I was excited to learn about a company in Japan that builds deluxe foot spas. They also draw their inspiration for thier country’s hot-springs fed foot baths, calling their product “Ashiyu de Jet”. I wanted to contact them just to compare notes, putting aside any fear that they would want to compete with us or capitalize on our work somehow.

Ashiyu De Jet

Ashiyu De Jet


Imagine my suprise when they ordered a spa from us. We offered to send them a deluxe diamond model and were very relieved when it was set up and running in their facility. Now we are preparing a shipment of five long model spas.  I’m frankly still not certain why they are excited about carrying our spas. Their spas appear to be very nice, though maybe geared to larger installations. One consideration might be the price, which is about a tenth of what their standard model retails for, if my math is correct.  In any case, we are thrilled to be doing something to help the trade deficit and to be making new friends in a faraway land.